THE SKIN PHARMACY offers a complete care for the acne-prone individuals.

The main objectives of treatment with THE SKIN PHARMACY’s anti-acne range are to reduce the number of the P. acnes bacteria (the bacteria responsible for causing acne), reduce the oil production as well as to get rid of excess cellular debris from pores and hence reduce clogging.

Treatment comprises of a basic range: Skin Renewal Anti-acne Facial Wash, Sebum Reducing Anti-acne Treatment Toner, AcneClear Gel and AcneCare Gel.
Additional items include the AcneClear Mask, Anti-acne Intensive Serum and Natural Oil-free Moisturising Gel.

Continued use is recommended even after acne clears up to prevent the growth of the P.acnes bacteria population. Successful results may require months of treatment especially in more severe cases. 

THE SKIN PHARMACY's anti-acne range is free of colour, fragrance, parabens and artifical preservatives. They are oil-free and non-comedogenic.