THE SKIN PHARMACY's anti-pigmentation products contain 100% natural ingredients which effectively help to reduce the production of melanin in the skin, resulting in lighter spots and even-coloured skin.
It needs to be stressed that it is not only the ingredients that need to be effective. The product also needs to be properly formulated to ensure that the ingredients will penetrate the skin and product results. Many products do not work due to poor formulation, although they contain the proper ingredients.
We also avoid ingredients that simply take too long to work. Examples are products containing vitamin C which may take up to a year to see results.
Start with the Brightening Facial Wash, followed by the Whitening Mild Treatment Toner. For best effects, use theIntensive Whitening Serum or Herbal Whitening Serum for Sensitive Skin twice daily. For stubborn hyperpigmentation or for faster action, use Serum No.3 (The Skin Lightening Serum), our most effective anti-pigmentation serum to date. These serums can be complemented with the Natural Whitening Cream.
You may also wish to enhance your treatment with the Natural Whitening Hydrating Face Mask which can be left on overnight for better results. And remember to protect your skin with the Natural Sunscreen or Silky Smooth Sunscreen during the day.
These anti-pigmentation products can also be adjusted or personalised to suit your skin type.
To help you monitor your progress, consult our pharmacist or skincare specialist for a computerised skin analysis where photographic records of your pigmentation can be measured and kept.