Organic Rose Otto Floral Water 100g

Organic Rose Otto Floral Water 100g

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Rose floral water is refreshing, alluring and has a beautiful familiar scent!
It aids in retaining moisture and is good for dry, mature, sensitive skin.
It is also cooling and a mild astringent, which helps tone a tired complexion.
Or just use it for its well known aphrodisiac qualities (which we shall not talk too much about)!
​TSP's Rose Floral Water is certified organic.

Directions for use:

Can be used as a refreshing spritz, spray-on toner, or to hydrate make-up. 
​You can also spray onto a cotton pad and apply onto the skin. 


Aqua, organic rose otto oil obtained by steam distillation, propanediol, benzoic acid

How natural is this product?

100% natural, naturally-derived or organic ingredients